Case Results

$24.1 Million Pedestrian Hit by Van


$4.9 Million Construction Workplace Wrongful Death

$7.5 Million Settlement Tractor-Trailer Wrongful Death

$4.9 Million Trip and Fall

$4.1 Million Settlement in car manufacturing defect case (products safety) for wrongful death

$3.75 Million Head-on Collision

$3.5 Million Settlement for botched kidney transplant surgery

$3.1 Million Negligent Road Design

$2.35 Million medical malpractice verdict

$2.25 Million Wrongful Death by Shooting

$1.4 Million Settlement in car manufacturing defect case (products safety) and negligent road maintenance wrongful death case

$1 Million (plus confidential additional amount) prison suicide

$1 Million Verdict for Uninsured Motorist Coverage in a wrongful death car wreck case

$750,000 Settlement for wrongful death of a 17 year old for negligent road design and maintenance

$650,000 Settlement for foot injury after tractor-trailer runs over client’s foot

$350,000 Settlement in nursing home malpractice case in which nursing negligence hastened the death of a patient

$325,000 Settlement in obstetrical malpractice case for failure to perform timely C-Section

$100,000.00 slip and fall

$100,000.00 uninsured motorist claim

$100,000 Settlement for negligent maintenance of a bicycle lane

$125,000 Settlement for injury from defective loading dock overhead door

$471,000 Verdict for negligent hernia surgery in which surgeon stitched through a nerve

$125,000 Verdict in car wreck case that necessitated neck surgery

$125,000 Settlement in premises liability case for slip and fall at major retailer

$100,000 Settlement for eye injury in case against swimming pool management company for negligent supervision

$100,000 Settlement in obstetrical malpractice case for loss of fetus

Client Reviews
Robin knew my case inside and out. Ultimately she won, routing a lawyer who had won 50 cases in a row. Robin Frazer Clark gave me my life back and helped me gain victory. No words can describe my gratitude for her hard work and pursuit of justice. Sophie Mott