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Atlanta Injury Attorney

I provide comprehensive legal representation (actually trying cases to a jury in a courtroom) to individuals in DeKalb County, Clayton County, Fulton County and all other counties in Metropolitan Atlanta and across the State of Georgia, who have been injured or killed as a result of the carelessness of others, including as a result of a negligent accident, including car wrecks, tractor-trailer wrecks, defectively manufactured automobiles, sexual harassment, premises safety (slip and falls, elevators or escalators), elder abuse (nursing home and assisted living) and medical malpractice. Although my office is in Downtown Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, I practice and try personal injury cases in all counties in Georgia. I have tried over 50 trials and have argued in Georgia’s appellate courts over 40 times.

As an Atlanta Injury Lawyer with Over Thirty Years’ Experience

I served as the 50th President of the State Bar of Georgia, only the second woman to do so in the history of the State Bar of Georgia. I am also a Past President of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, the professional association for plaintiff’s personal injury trial lawyers in the State of Georgia. Throughout my service to the State Bar of Georgia, I have had the honor of traveling the State to meet Georgians and learn of their struggles. I have dedicated my life and career as an Atlanta injury lawyer to seeking justice for individuals who have been injured and to protecting your rights under Georgia laws and the Constitution of Georgia

My mission is to give you unequaled representation with a sense of urgency. My overarching goal is to obtain for you the justice you deserve after being put in a hole because of an injury you or a loved one has sustained due to someone else’s or some company’s carelessness. It is not your fault you are in this predicament, and I will work for you to insure you receive the full benefit of Georgia law and a successful outcome in the Georgia Civil Justice System. I will never forget it is your life we are talking about and will represent you as I would want to be represented or would want one of my family members to be represented, following The Golden Rule in all aspects of my law practice here in Atlanta.

As an Atlanta injury attorney, I am proud to represent Georgia citizens and faithfully remain dedicated to the Constitution’s Promise of Justice for All. I look forward to representing you.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats,
Robin Frazer Clark

Past President of the State Bar of Georgia

Past President of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

Past President of the Lawyers Club of Atlanta

Member, National and Southern Conferences of Bar Presidents

Top 50 Women Attorneys in Georgia

Georgia Trend's Legal Elite

Georgia's Super Lawyers

Member, American Board of Trial Advocates

Barrister, International Society of Barristers

See You In Court

See You In Court is a production of the Georgia Civil Justice Foundation whose mission is to educate the public about the Georgia Civil Justice System and their rights within the system.

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Robin knew my case inside and out. Ultimately she won, routing a lawyer who had won 50 cases in a row. Robin Frazer Clark gave me my life back and helped me gain victory. No words can describe my gratitude for her hard work and pursuit of justice. Sophie Mott
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